About Us

We came from 50 years engineering, a combined 55 years in the medical field and a combined 60 years of sales and marketing experience when we joined forces and made things personal with our passion for puzzles.  Our minds were blown when researching the massive enthusiasm across the globe for jigsaw puzzles and it's growing.  In a time where some of the nostalgic "feels" of hands-on simple entertainment has waned due to technology, we are getting back in touch with the craft.  Since 2020, the growing trend of enthusiasts indulging in puzzles for stress relief and its cognitive benefits is the driving the demand for puzzles and building blocks alike.  There is also an increase in use as an educational tool with children.

 Along with our rapid technology and social media boom, came an increase in anxiety and device dependence. Kids and adults desire, whether they realize/admit it or not, a digital “detox”.  Many young people do not employ the necessary skills to “detox” or “cleanse” from digital devices and the digital practices associated with their anxieties.  Jigsaw puzzles and "building blocks" are filling that gap.

We dug deeper. ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a response from satisfying sounds, visual and tactile experiences. One receives the chemical release of dopamine that creates the feelings of calm and a relaxed state of mind.    Many are receiving an artificial replica of these sensations with devices.  Games on devices incorporate feelings of interaction with vibrations that are artificial and “empty” compared to the real thing. Leaving an instant but fleeting gratification, releasing dopamine for a short time.  One never gets the full “therapy” of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, or tasting an experience.  Instead, it’s a constant chase to achieve a dopamine sensation.  This chemical, dopamine, produces feelings of reward, motivation, memory, and attention. It was authentically “designed” for these mental health benefits.  Imagine.

Bring On G-Wings

Sorting pieces and creating works of art as a pastime is good for the soul.  Our collective minds went to work to orchestrate G-wings.  We took in all the attributes of these crafts and incorporated it in this highly visible, three-tiered system. It allows for sorting/grouping, work area needed, and clear viewing of puzzle sections and the puzzled box photo.  It allows mobility of the craft that often sat on the counter for weeks at a time. As the word got around, interest in our creation ensued. Many had creative thoughts of how G-Wings would be awesome for their "building block" projects as well!  "It's Genius!", they said.  And that's how G-wings were born.

A little 'bout us:

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